Psychotherapy and Counseling in Drug Treatment Therapy

August 3, 2012Leave a reply

Drug rehabilitation occurs in a multitude of forms. It may be provided in outpatient or inpatient settings, be publicly or privately funded, and may or may not involve the administration of medication.

The differences among the philosophies of, and the services provided in, various drug abuse treatment programs may be enormous. What is remarkable is that some form of drug abuse counseling or psychotherapy is almost invariably a part of every type of comprehensive drug abuse treatment.

Individual therapy or counseling is available in about 99 percent of the drug-free, methadone maintenance, and multiple-modality drug abuse treatment units in USA. It is also available in approximately 97 percent of the detoxification units.

Despite the fact that drug abuse counseling and psychotherapy are nearly universal in drug abuse treatment, surprisingly little is known about these forms of treatment. Much more research has focused on pharmacological treatments for drug abuse than on non-pharmacological, even though non-pharmacological interventions are almost always utilized and are sometimes the only form of treatment offered to the drug abuser. (more…)