Addiction: A Holistic Approach

October 12, 2012Leave a reply

Holistic Therapy uniquely teaches clients how to safely experience depression, anxiety, and other painful states while learning ways to manage the negative thoughts and destructive behavior that sabotage recovery from addiction.

Those suffering from addictions habitually engage in compulsive behaviors to avoid feelings of depression, anxiety, and other distressing mood states. Holistic Therapy offers opportunities to safely experience painful emotions while learning ways to manage destructive thoughts and behaviors.

Many addiction recovery treatment programs focus on the distorted thinking and destructive behavior of the addict with less attention to the underlying depression and anxiety that drive negative thoughts and behavior. At best, addicts in treatment might attend lectures and participate in groups where speakers and participants talk about and share these feelings, but they seldom offer sufficient opportunities for addicts to directly and safely experience what they are feeling and to creatively manage their feelings. (more…)