Identifying the Signs of Addiction Associated with Drug and Alcohol Use

February 6, 2013Leave a reply

Break The AddictionWhen identifying the signs of addiction, it is important to know that while drug and alcohol use and abuse manifest themselves as different behavioral changes and inconsistencies, they also share a number of commonalities. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of signs of drug and/or alcohol addiction, but is instead a list of common signs that someone is suffering from addiction.

Often, addicts and alcoholics are the last to know that they have a problem, because they cannot see the outward signs of addiction. They attempt to hide their use from loved ones, escaping to a “safe” space such as a bar after work, or a spot in the garage where they can be alone to drink or use. The addict believes that he or she is keeping the drug or alcohol use secret from everyone else, when in fact, the physical and behavioral signs of addiction are often immediately apparent. (more…)