Member Benefits

What are some of the benefits of MACDN membership?

  • State-wide networking opportunities for working together in the field of Chemical Dependency Nursing.
  • Opportunity for quality educational Seminars
  • Opportunities for Certification as Chemical Dependency Nurse. “CDNC”

Who is eligible for MACDN membership?

Membership is extended to any nurse interested in the field of Chemical Dependency.

What is required to recieve certification credits?

The minimum MACDN requirements for certification eligibility are:

  • Complete 4000 hours of Chemical Dependency Nursing experience
  • Successfully complete comprehensive examination once developed

What are MACDN’s recertifcation requirements?

  1. Certification is valid for two years.
  2. Recertification requires the completion of 40 verifiable continuing education contact hours.
  3. 75% or 30 hours must be in Chemical Dependency Nursing.
  4. Certified nurses are responsible for maintaining their CDNC certification.
  5. Certificant will receive notification 60 days prior to expiration date.
  6. Accredited continuing education contact hours are acceptable from the following organizations:
    • All state and national nursing associations
    • Other national health care related associations offering continuing education contact hours
    • College courses in chemical dependency, or related health care fields must be completed with available transcripts
  7. Certification renewal fee for members is $100.00.
  8. Certification renewal fee for non-members $150.00.
  9. 2000 hours Chemical Dependency Nursing experience.

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